Classico Color LS 35 muszkatołowy
7 maja, 2024
Classico Color LS 43 szary-łupek
7 maja, 2024

Classico Color LS 35 szary-łupek


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Dimensions:   „All-Inclusive-Set” diameter 35 cm; height 33 cm

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The elegant finish of the insert is a frame in the color of the pot, which makes it easier to remove and move the insert. It also makes the CLASSICO Color pot fit very well with Rondo pots.

CLASSICO Color flower pots are available in 4 colors: sand brown, white, nutmeg, slate gray

All flower pots from the LECHUZA collection are made of high-quality primary raw material (polypropylene), which is covered with a special varnish. Thanks to this technology, excellent optical effects of metallic or ceramic coating were achieved (depending on the color). LECHUZA flowerpots are particularly resistant to all weather conditions (rain, snow and frost in dry matter down to -30C). Thanks to a special coating resistant to UV rays, LECHUZA flower pots retain their original color, and the structure of their material is resistant to any cracks, breaks and bruises. Therefore, all LECHUZA flower pots can be placed both at home and in the garden.

An additional very important advantage is a special valve at the bottom of the LECHUZA pots, which can be easily unscrewed and allows excess water to drain out during rain.

 LECHUZA soil irrigation system:

An appropriate soil irrigation system can be selected for each LECHUZA container. It provides the plants with the necessary amount of water for up to 12 weeks without the need for additional watering, and special plant inserts enable easy replacement in containers.

An additional alternative to traditional plant soil is the purely mineral substrate LECHUZA-PON. It is especially useful where traditional soil must be abandoned, eg in hospitals or homes for allergy sufferers.

Most houseplants do not grow properly not because they do not have enough water, but because they usually receive the wrong amount of water. LECHUZA irrigation systems ensure that such situations will never happen again. A special system provides the plant with exactly the amount of water needed for its optimal development.

Instructions for using the irrigation system:

– place the LECHUZA irrigation set (separating bottom, filler channel and water level indicator) in the plant container and pour the LECHUZA PON drainage layer to the thickness of a finger.

– then pour gardening soil into the container, place the plant roots in it and fill it with soil. Remember to firm the soil thoroughly.

– during the next three months, we water the plant traditionally, pouring water directly onto the ground.

– after three months, the roots will have grown enough that they can draw water directly from the reservoir. Now fill the tank with water and refill it only when the indicator shows the „Minimum” level.

From now on, the plant supplies itself with water!